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Raise Thousands Of Dollars In Hours

Your Lucky Break - But Can You Afford It?You've just seen the chance to put together a great deal foryourself - a "can't miss" new business, a chance to invest insomeone else's, or you've found the ideal property on which tobuild your new home. But you need $10,000 cash, and right away!Could you raise it overnight? Could you raise it at all? Actually, it's easier than it sounds, and if you can't do itright now through the ways we'll show you, then you should startmaking preparations so that, when your chance does come, youwill be able to raise the money overnight and take advantage ofsome terrific deal.Raise $10,000 in 24 Hours!As a person who believes in getting the most out of life, weassume you already have several national credit cards whichenable you to buy things when you want them even if you'retemporarily short of funds. But did you know that these samecredit cards, nearly all of them, also allow you to "buymoney!". The "cash advance" privilege that these cards extendis the best way to raise the cash you need, immediately, andwith no questions asked! If you have reasonably good credit,your credit limit on each of your credit cards should be $500 to$1,000 at least, with American express often giving a $2,500limit, and if you have ten cards with this cash advanceprivilege, each with a $1,000 credit limit, you can simply go tothe banks involved, and draw out your $10,000!If you don't have them you may not realize that it'spossible to have ten credit cards that offer cash advances, butyou must remember that different banks sponsor different cards,and they all want you to use their card. For example, you canhave a Visa from Chase Manhattan, and another, separate, Visafrom Bankers Trust, plus a Master Charge card from Citibank, anda second Master Chargecard from Chemical Bank. The possibilitiesare numerous, and you should take advantage of them for this iscertainly the easiest way of raising cash quickly. If you don'thold these cards now, then you should begin to establish thecredit that will enable you to get them in the near future, soyou will have the reserves available when you too need to raisecash quickly.Top of the Line - the T&E CardsAside from the no-fee cards like Master Charge and Visa,there are also the travel and entertainment cards like AmericanExpress, Carte Blanche and Diners Club. These cards charge ayearly fee for holding them, and are more difficult to get (yourannual income and your credit standing must be higher), but theamount of cash advances they allow you to draw on are higher,running as high as $2,000 or $2,500 each. American Express evenoffers a Golden American Express card, which many business menuse, which allows them about $5,000 of instant cash immediately!Another Sure-Fire Way to Get Cash Fast!Most bank accounts today, and yours is very likely to beamong them, come with automatic overdraft arrangements wherebyyou can write checks for more than the balance you have in thebank, and the bank will honor them merely automatically addingloan money to your account, and charging you the interest due forthat loan.In effect, this is an immediate and automatic loan to you,without any current credit check - which is especially handyif, at the moment you need the money, you happen to beunemployed, and planning to start a new business, which bankssometimes look upon with disfavor, and refuse to loan upon untilyou're big and successful!So go ahead and write a check for the full amount thatyou're allowed to draw upon, which is seldom less than $1,000,and which, in some banks goes to $5,000 or more.If you're lucky enough, or provident enough, to haveestablished two or three bank accounts while you were in thechips, each with its "ready-credit", "check-credit" orwhatever-they-choose-to-call-it provisions, you can, of course,really cash in on this one, completely legally, and amass enoughcapital for your new business.Blood is Thicker Than Water!If you're stuck for sources for capital, or at least forsufficient capital for the business you have in mind, give somecareful thought to whom you could ask to help you. Almost allof us have a favorite relative or two, and, if we're lucky, atleast one of those may have money. Of course it's nice if he orshe has loads of it, we all like to have a rich uncle, but evenif the amount is not enormous, perhaps you'll succeed inpersuading one or more of your relatives that they should helpyou, from whatever they've got put by for a rainy day. Mother,father, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, even cousins - try'emall where there's any chance at all they might have some breadstashed away, and might spring some loose for you.If your relatives are friendly to the idea, but they want tohold on to their funds, don't overlook another neat idea - oneof them can co-sign with you on a bank loan, and this almostalways ensures that your bank will go along with a loan thatthey might otherwise have refused, or give you a loan for a muchlarger amount than they would have granted you yourself on justyour own personal credit. It's really no skin off their back,just so long as you keep up the payments on the loan. Ofcourse, co-signers are not restricted to relatives. You canhave your best buddy, or your girlfriend or a fellow employeeco-sign for you.Don't Forget Your Friends!Sometimes we don't realize that we're lucky enough to havesome good friends, who, in a case of this sort, might be willingto come through with a loan for us.Insurance Policies Can Do More Than Just Protect You!Depending on the type of life insurance policy you now hold,and especially if you've had it for a number of years, you maybe eligible to borrow against its "cash value". In most cases,this money is available to you at a very low rate of interest,and also, generally, you can keep the money out, providing youpay the interest, without having to repay the principal at anyset time.Another Hot Idea for Raising Cash!If you're buying the home you're living in, and have aconventional home mortgage, you may not realize that if you'vebeen paying down the mortgage month by month for a number ofyears, you have a considerable equity built up. In addition,your house may now be worth more than you originally paid forit. Therefore, either your present bank or another may bewilling to refinance your mortgage, which will provide you witha chunk of available cash with which you can capitalize your newbusiness. One advantage of this scheme is that you will mostlikely not increase your monthly payment by very much, perhapsit will not increase at all (although payments may extend foradditional years at the distant end). and thus you will not havea heavy loan repayment schedule added to your obligations earlyon in the beginning of your business.Besides the possibility of refinancing the original mortgageon your house, there is another way of using the equity you mayhave in your house - you can get a second mortgage, either froma bank or from professional lenders. One reason why you mightgo the second mortgage route would be if your first mortgage waswritten at a very favorable rate of interest (such as 5 1/2% or6%) which you would not be able to match on your refinancedmortgage, and consequently you would not want to refinance thelarger principal amount.A Windfall May Be In Your Attic!Have you considered, while you're looking around for sourcesof cash, what you have right in your own home? Some of thoseheirlooms, paintings or other antiques which you or your wifemay not care for, and which you may have stashed in the spareroom or the attic, may be worth a lot of money, far more thanyou have ever imagined. Get them appraised, show them to aknowledgeable dealer or a friend who's an antiques buff, andfind out if you're sitting on a goldmine that you never evenknew existed!Collect What's Due to You!Do you have some friends to whom you have loaned money inthe past, and who have not yet paid you back? Or are you owedmoney for services rendered of one sort or another? Or does anex-employer still owe you sick pay or vacation pay that he hasnot paid you? Don't let these things lie any longer unpaid -you need that money now! Put on the heat, make some urgentphone calls, write a few letters. For most collections, theSmall Claims court can be a great help.For collecting from your employer, your best bet is the U.S.Dept. of Labor, Wage and Hour Division, which will almostcertainly have an office in your city. If your claim has merit,they will make sure that you receive what's due you.Summary and RecommendationsAll of the many suggestions contained in this Report shouldcertainly get you the capital you need to start your business. Of course, you can combine two or more of the methods if no onealone will provide what you're looking for. And although we'venot specifically mentioned it, don't forget that regularcommercial banks (not savings banks, they're not allowed to)will sometimes make loans for the establishment of newbusinesses if the know the borrower from past experience, andsee a potential in the proposed business. Don't assume theywill say no, and so don't ask them. You'd be surprised, theymay just say "yes". They're particularly likely to lend yousome of the money you need if you've already proved that you canraise money and that you have the majority of the money youneed. For example, if you've raised $10,000 already by othermethods, they may come through with an additional $3,000 forworking capital.It's a fact that in raising money, the more you seen tohave, the more people will be willing to lend you, so once you'vebegun to make money based on your initial $10,000, you will findit easier to borrow more to keep you business or other newventure going. While not all of the ideas in this Report canreally be worked out overnight, once your foundations are laid,in credit, in relationships with relatives, friends, venturecapital and government sources, it is easy to raise funds whenyou need them, from people who have learned from experience thatyou're a good businessman to lend to!
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